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Join Professional Artist Bonnie Pisik

as she leads this fun and completely

original art workshop. 


In this totally unique workshop you will immerse yourself in an artistic, interpretive experience and allow music to inspire and guide you to create a work of art.  Enjoy the freedom, joy, and playfulness of abstract painting as you create a one of a kind piece of art utilizing the amazing technique of Reverse-Painting under glass.


This totally unique, relaxing and fun workshop is perfect for...

  1. -Corporate/Customer Appreciation events

  2. -Fundraisers

  3. -Birthday Parties

  4. -Showers & Bachelorette Parties

  5. -Girls Night Outs


Whether you’re planning a unique activity for

a corporate event or just a fun and relaxing

Girls Night Out consider  bringing                       "Paint  the Music" to your next event.


For more information on prices, dates and times or to book a private event contact:

Bonnie Pisik

631 275-5605

Tucson, AZ

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